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Building Inspection and Monitoring

Enhance safety and serviceability standards of buildings and living spaces
Platform for façade inspection management
Platform for façade inspection management



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In the past, we conducted comprehensive inspections. With the new system, we can focus on specific areas of inspection. The system handles data analysis, while our personnel can focus on facility maintenance. By recording real-time data round-the-clock and using big data and data analysis, we can detect defects early and arrange repairs and maintenance to reduce safety risks.

Jeff Ng
Kai Shing Management Services Limited
Senior Technical Services Manager

Drone technology helps us inspect high-rise buildings without the need for manpower and scaffolding. This approach improves safety by keeping people on the ground. Additionally, drones speed up our inspection process during construction, minimizing disruptions for our residents and tenants. Drones also enable us to inspect the integrity of our buildings more efficiently.

Simon Baxter
Great Eagle Holdings Limited
Managing Director, Development & Project Management

As a surveyor, the most challenging part of conducting a façade inspection report is editing thousands of photos, which typically takes two to three weeks. Furthermore, inserting pictures into the report can be quite difficult. However, with inspectica™, an all-in-one platform, I found the process to be convenient and straightforward.

Dominic Chau
Core Vision Surveyors Limited
Registered Professional Surveyor

This system enables us to manage risky street signboards more efficiently, improving safety for citizens and enhancing the street environment. The system automatically collects signboard information during site visits, providing us with the late stand most accurate data. Moreover, the system automates paperwork and optimizes sign board regulation workflow.

WONG Yue Ka, Edgar
Buildings Department
Structural Engineer (Signboard Control 8)

Facade Inspection

Remote Pilots Qualifications
All remote pilots comply CAD's Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Advanced Rating level
High Image Position Accuracy
AI-assisted defect localization on the video-based reconstruction of vertical panoramic columns of a building's façade.
AI Defect Detection Model
The AI Defect Detection Model helps to identify common defects for external walls, façades, and roofs
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Artificial Intelligence Detection

Capture defect images with mobile device
Detect Potential Facade Defects
Focus on cracks, spalling, delamitation and other high criticality defect types
Facility Potential Deterioration Prediction
Fault detection and provide suggested action
Face Blurring to Protect Privacy
AI takes care of the face blurring within the uploading process, you will never have to worry about any privacy issues.
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Al-powered system detects irregularities for building inspection prescreening.

Defect Mapping and Defect Dimensioning

Platform for façade inspection management
Defect Dimensioning
Automatic defect dimensioning and sizing to speed up the annotation process of surveyors and building inspectors
3D Navigation and Defect Mapping
Click the defect point on 3D environment to review defect images and data
Integration with BIM model and GIS
True-scaled and true-location on real map
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Professional Facade Inspection Report

Capture defect images with mobile device
Auto Generate Facade Inspection Report
Provide Microsoft Word report format with detailed defect information
Periodic Report Generation for Facility Management
System-generated reports to summarise the facility inspection activities
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buliding facade inspection  reports
Raspect ecg metrics

ESG Metrics Addressed

Platform for façade inspection management
Climate and operational resilience
Carbon emissions
Green building opportunities
Resource optimisation
Health and safety
Privacy and data security
Risk management
Data disclosure and transparency
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ISO Standards

Quality in data privacy program, information security and products and services
ISO 27701: 2019 Certified
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ISO 27001: 2013 Certified
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ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
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From building façade to smart building comprehensive monitoring , RaSpect Inspectica™ helps maintain your properties in their best performance. It provides you with insights to transform building management process.
commercial  bulding

Commercial Building

Curtain Wall Inspection

We conducted curtain wall inspection for commercial buildings. With aid of the AI-powered solution the monetary and time cost for a full façade inspection are reduced by at least 50%.

stone cladding inspection for residents  building

Residential Building

Stone Cladding Inspection

We conducted drone façade data captured services on the stone cladding of residential buildings.
Data were post-processed according to location and were delivered within several days.

construction cladding building

Construction Site

New Build Inspection

A vertical region of the block with cladding was inspected for a construction site. The main objective is to conduct a quick scan of the façade in order to fix the problem in time.

Platform for façade inspection management

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Platform for façade inspection management